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Safe Money Retirement Investment Management

Financial Advisor

I'm Gerry James, and I specialize in income planning.

As an income planning expert, I use annuities with contractual guarantees to provide a safe and secure income for one's lifetime. I am required to meet specific educational and business qualifications to help ensure that I can accurately assess your financial situation, recommend solutions, and transact business according to your needs. Unlike most brokers, my recommendations have no risk or ongoing fees.

Retirement Investment Management

I provide experience with the following financial services to help you reach your goals:

  • Lifetime income planning with no-lost contractual guarantees
  • Helping you optimize and diversify your retirement investments
  • Evaluating and recommending safe investment opportunities for your needs
  • Helping protect your investments through risk management
  • Helping develop your retirement plan
  • Managing external impacts on your portfolio
  • Helping you build sound, safe financial priorities
  • Providing financial information and insight
  • Managing Portfolio Planning