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About Gerry

As a Fiduciary financial advisor, I know how to properly assess your financial affairs by recognizing and correcting problems and offering worthwhile, safe, secure growth solutions. I have these qualifications and am dedicated to doing what suits my clients.

I am a family man with a wife of 34 years and two adult children. My wife is a world-class interior designer at www.designlineworks.com who currently focuses her talents near the beach areas of North Florida. As a devout Christian, I do prison ministry in a maximum-security prison throughout Florida. I am also an avid golfer and fitness enthusiast.   

As a PGA professional golfer, I had a lengthy career. I continue to train my oldest son, who is the current world champion and the previous number-one long-drive champion. I learned about money and safe investment because the misplaced trust in a broker-adviser led to a devastating six-figure loss in my retirement portfolio.