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Conservative Growth Investment Model 

What Is Asset Allocation?

Asset Allocation means spreading your investments across various asset classes. Broadly speaking, that means a mix of stocks, bonds, annuities and cash or money market securities.

Maximizing Return & Risk

The goal of allocating your assets is to minimize risk while meeting the level of return you expect. To achieve that goal, you need to know the risk-return characteristics of the various asset classes.

  • Small-Cap Equities 
  • Mid-Cap Equities
  • Blue Chip (Large-Cap) Equities
  • Investment-Grade Corporate Bonds
  • Money Market & Government Treasuries 
  • Annuities 


Conservative Growth Model

Conservative Growth model portfolios generally allocate a large percentage of the total to lower-risk investments such as annuites and money market securities. 

The main goal of a conservative portfolio is to protect the principal value of your portfolio. That's why these models are often referred to as "capital preservation portfolios."Even if you are very conservative and are tempted to avoid the stock market entirely, thats ok but some exposure to stocks could help offset inflation. You can invest the equity portion in high-quality blue-chip companies or an ondex fund. 

Moderately Conservative Growth Model

A moderately conservative portfolio works for the investor who wishes to preserve most of the portfolio's total value but is willing to take on some risk for inflation protection. A common strategy within this risk level is called "Current Income." With this strategy, you choose securities that pay a high level of dividends or coupon payments. 

Gerry's Rules on Safe Investing

Rule No. 1: Never Lose Money 

Rule No. 2: Never Forget Rule #1