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Low Risk Retirement Investing

The questions you should be asking yourself and your investment retirement advisor are.

Number 1- When am I planning to retire? Set a timeframe!

Number 2- Where do I want to retire? (I,E) move to a state or place with a lower cost of living or stay where I am.

Number 3- How much time do I have and will I have enough money to retire?

Number 4- How do I invest and grow my money with no downside risk?

Number 5- Who has a track record to seamlessly accomplish this for me and can I trust them?

Number 6- Are there guarantees in writing that will assure me of all this? Is it even possible to do this anymore?

Number 7- Is the advisor a lifetime income planning specialist? 


Why Annuities?

Annuities will help you solve many of these questions.

Annuities are my first step of any retirement plan. Why you may ask? Simple, they are safe and risk-free investment platforms that allows you to accumulate money for a tax deferred basis that if used correctly will allow you to never run out of money.


What are the benefits of your retirement savings inside an annuity?

All the money inside an annuity is not subject to probate or lawsuit garnishment.

There are no forced distributions or payouts.

There is axis at all times to cash if needed without surrender charges per the contract.

Earnings are tax deferred. 

Annuities offer significant investment and distribution options you will not find in a 401K or IRA.

With five different types of annuity’s the only two I typically use are Fixed of Fixed Indexed.

Within those two types there are hundreds of slight differences. It may take me days to research the best suitable option for my client due to the subtle differences.

Annuities simply are a contractual guarantee that the money you save inside the account will be there with accumulated interest for you to withdraw over a chosen period of time.

That time period could be immediately at the conclusion of the contract or divided over your existing life span. That is the flexibility of a Fixed Indexed Annuity  


Call or email me with any questions and let’s get your retirement safe.

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